Teaching Assistant (UC San Diego)

POLI 12 – Introduction to International Relations

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“He shows clear enthusiasm about the topic and shows he has a great understanding for the overall class. He also seems to be very happy to help every time I went and looked for assistance.”

“His greatest strengths were his connection with the class’s topics to the real world. Overall he created a discussion that drove conversations amongst all of us, and it was a great use of time.”

POLI 142A – US Foreign Policy

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“I think he is genuinely committed to the students and makes the material very interesting.”

“D.G. was easily accessible and responded very quickly to emails. He was able to be very helpful on assignments, providing clarity and suggestions.”

INTL 102 – International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

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“He shared slides that were well put together. They contained all the necessary information that was very helpful for the course. His review activities were very effective for the exams as well.”

GPPS 400 – International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (Graduate-level)

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“Dedicated and reliable. Always ready to help.”

“D.G. is able to provide professional advice when needed. He is nice, open-minded and gentle in suggesting his opinion.”