Image: word cloud of most frequently used words in all China-related televised US election campaign advertisements from 2006 to 2018.
Image: demographic and dispositional correlates of anti-Asian sentiment as measured by the Asian American Resentment (AAR) scale


Anti-Asian Racism and the Racial Politics of U.S.-China Relations

My dissertation examines the role of anti-Asian racism in shaping contemporary U.S.-China relations with a focus on cross-national public opinion. Building on theories of American racial hierarchy and Asian American politics, I first propose two new measures of anti-Asian racism in the United States, the Asian American resentment (AAR) and model minority stereotype (MMS) scales. Utilizing public opinion surveys, I then empirically assess the racialization of American opinion on China, finding that anti-Asian sentiments work as a powerful predictor of mass support for hawkish China policies. I then shift my focus to examining how growing anti-Asian racism shapes official foreign policy discourses in China, with far-reaching consequences on the rise of hawkish mass opinion within the rising great power. My dissertation contributes to advancing scholarly discussions on the increasingly salient yet overlooked racial dimension of contemporary Sino-American relations and the role of anti-Asian racism in shaping foreign policy preferences across the Pacific.

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Image: The two pillars of anti-Asian racism in the United States. The figure displays results from a confirmatory factor analysis and inter-item correlations of the Asian American resentment (AAR) and model minority stereotype (MMS) scales. Source: Kim and Han (2022)